My Process

The best way to start any creative project is a phone call where I will ask a few questions, and answer any of yours, to ensure that I can confidently fulfill the needs of the project. I like to set aside 30 minutes for this client onboarding call but it can definitely go much longer. I suggest that you follow this link ( and schedule a time for our call.
In the time between your scheduling request and having the call there are some things you can do that will speed up the process.
For example, if you desire anything that requires visual assets I highly recommend you create a moodboard on pinterest or google drive with as many relevant examples as possible. This will allow me to quickly see what direction you envision for the project. Bonus points if you can create a hateboard, containing assets that you absolutely hate.
Another helpful preparation is compiling any visual assets you currently have for your brand, company, or project. Nothing wastes more time than needing a logo file and having to request it and wait on a response. If your brand identity uses a not so common font then you can include that as well.
By all means Email me with any questions you have at any time. If I have the skills to fully complete your request then we’ll schedule the onboarding!